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Families, couples and portraits

Are we a good fit to work together?

Well, if you are happy to capture life as it is lived, and you’re too busy living it for perfectly posed shots; and if your priorities are laughter, fun, games, and loved ones, then we'll get along great!

Together, we’ll create the kinds of photos that you love to look at - natural authentic and beautiful images of you and your tribe, images that tell your unique visual story.

We will talk before your shoot about everything that’s needed to prepare. The kinds of clothes you might wear, the types of pictures you want so that we both understand the end results you’re seeking.

This session is all about you and your people spending time together, no performance necessary. Just relax and be yourselves.

As well as your personalities, I’ll aim to capture the shared moments in between – the hugs and laughs, the look, the smile, the moment - seeing things relaxed and natural, and using natural light gives me the chance to get the candid shots you’re after.

I’ve lived in Adelaide for almost half my life, so I have a wealth of local knowledge about great locations, but if there’s a place that's special for you, please let me know.

If the weather looks like it won't cooperate on your shoot day, or if your kids are unwell, you’ll have the option to reschedule.

Check out ideas for shoots below.


 To find out how it all will work take a look at the FAQs

Your session can take place at an outdoor location you enjoy spending time in or around your home.

Home sessions are a good option for younger children and babies, or kids who aren’t so comfortable with new people. If you’d like an outdoor shoot, but don’t have a specific spot in mind, I’m more than happy to suggest settings that will suit the kind of photos you want.

Family sessions last between one and two hours. This might seem like a long time. But, it can sometimes take a while to get the best from your session, especially if there are quite a few of you! That said, I’m very much guided by you, your kids, and how you’re feeling.

Whichever location you choose, if we’re out and about, we can start by having a stroll, exploring our surroundings, and getting to know each other while I snap away. I might suggest some poses, but never anything forced. I concentrate on working spontaneously, so I can capture your family as they really are, instead of the way they think they should be because they’re in front of a camera.

The best pictures are often the ones where everyone’s focused on, or interacting with, one another. So, be warned! I’ll be encouraging you to let your hair down and play, joke, and chat.

Doing these things means you’ll feel relaxed, your expressions will be genuine, and I’ll be able to create timeless images of you and your loved ones that I hope will bring back lots of happy memories!

What to expect from your session

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